So, I’m going to Iceland tomorrow for that work camp. To be honest, I haven’t got a lot to say yet apart from that I can’t wait and I hope they let me take all my luggage!
First I’m going to have two-and-a-half days in Reykjavik, where I will sit in coffee shops, eat expensive food, look at museums and go whale watching!
Then on Tuesday I’m getting in a minibus with 14 strangers, with whom I will spend the next two weeks in a small town called Eyrarbakki, painting houses, beautifying the harbour and generally preparing the town for its annual culture festival, which we will then also participate in. I don’t know much about where I’m going apart from that it’s got a couple hundred people, and looks like this:
I can’t’ tell you how much I am looking forward to this trip, but I can tell you my reading material:
· A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf
· The Third Man by Peter Mandelson
· The Waves by Virginia Woolf
· Njal’s Saga by medieval Icelandic people
· JRR Tolkien: a biography by Humphrey Carpenter
· The ‘His Dark Materials’ Trilogy by Philip Pullman
I hope I read most, if not all of them!

And then, after almost 20 days, I will return home… one day before exam results, i.e. finding out if I’m going to University this year or not.

See you then!
Ever, Fiona xxx

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