I’ve been doing a lot of laughing lately. Laughing and crying. It’s one or the other, and laughing is the better choice usually.

Why am I a cackling hysterical loon? Oh, good question. Iceland. It was amazing – the best time of my short short life.

I can’t really sum it up, but let me give you a few images.

1 – Taxi, a Japanese guy who can’t hold his liquor but drinks anyway. Had one shot of Becherovka and was hammered in seconds!

2 – Chelsea (Taiwanese friend) and I hitchhiking with an Icelandic man who spoke no English (you have no idea how rare this is) and conversing with him somehow in broken Norwegian even though he only spoke Icelandic.

3 – Watching the sun rise and set at the same time, watching shooting stars, watching pale Northern Lights, sitting on the rocks by the sea at 4AM playing guitar with three or four amazing people.

4 – Waking up because Liverpool (a bloke from Liverpool, surprisingly) had set off the fire alarm, and BURSTING into laughter so much that I had to go outside, along with Ginta (an amazing Latvian who has made me into a person who laughs a lot for which I am eternally grateful).

5 – Swimming in a hot waterfall, about 28C!

I’m going back. Seriously. I am. At Christmas and maybe even a bit earlier!

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