Edit: Interlude! I realise now there’s something missing here between the last post and this one. So… I am becoming an au pair for a woman called Anna who I met during my two-week work camp. And resume…

It’s all coming together. I spoke to Anna (host lady) yesterday on the phone and started to work out some details… like a vague outline of what my job will be, and she said she would try to register me at the school in Selfoss and find out how much the learning Icelandic course costs. I still have to ask her about how much I’ll be paid, more detailed duties and what my free time will be like.

The only thing is that I fear I won’t be able to go on this work camp in Reykjavik (which I may refer to as RVK from time to time) for the two weeks leading up to Christmas Eve, because she may need extra help at her cafe then. The work camp camp involves selling hot chocolate to raise money for the Icelandic Red Cross, and it would mean wrapping up warm, busking, juggling and all that fun stuff on the busy streets of RVK! And it’d all be with James as a leader.

But workign at the cafe would also be great… I love working in cafes, getting that interactions and somehow the serving aspect itself really appeals to me. Little things like providing someone with what they desire make me feel like I am in some way an important part of a greater machine. Almost like work is replacing what would be God. Uh-oh. Straying into philosophy there and I’m too distracted for that.

Also, I have to check if I can have people to visit because there are now… let me see… about a dozen people who want to visit! That won’t work. Oh well. I’m pretty sure I’ll get to see James because he’s in Iceland anyway. Do you know James? No? He’s the guy from Liverpool I mentioned last time. He’s in Iceland until January and he’s a long term volunteer for SEEDS. And we became really good friends during the work camp in Eyrarbakki.

Stupid computer, of course Eyrarbakki is a word. How do you feel about Selfoss? Oh, you don’t like that either? LEARN IT. ADD IT TO YOUR DICTIONARY.

I get sidetracked easily. I should probably stop now.

One more thing: a guy I have been chatting to on a forum about Scandinavian Studies since about three years is also moving to RVK and I think we might meet up there. And that guy is funny. As is Mo. He’s got a thing for banter. Melanie didn’t understand banter at first. That was amusing! Sorry, you don’t know who these people are. I should do one post just about people I met in Iceland.

I like funny people 🙂 Especially sarcastic-funny. That’s my kind of funny!

Er yeah. Ok bye. I’m not good at this blogging thing.

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  1. So many GUYS!

    P.s. Loved this blog. Very well written. I'm so excited for you now. 😀

    P.s. 2. Your profile picture on here is VERY VERY pretty!



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