An Old Kit Bag

I have condensed and condensed my pile of Stuff (leaving out juggling balls, tarot cards, extra tea, books upon books … More


Yup, still talking about birds I’ll hopefully encounter in Iceland. Here are some of my favourites: Cute Watery Birds Clockwise from … More

Travels and Travails

I spent everyday of my mini-‘holiday’ travelling. It was nice but exhausting. Tuesday Bus to Reading, train to Paddington, tube … More


When I was running away today —Away from the town where a prison of water is lovedAway, to the fields … More

The Cake God

I am truly, as my friend Shawnee put it, a “cake god”. In the last week or so, I have … More

Phone Calls

Me: not a big fan of phone calls. Really not. I have no problem with e-mail, and instant messenger is … More