Fallin’ off the face of the earth…

On a not-Iceland related note, I’ve been feeling fernweh for the northern US and Canada recently, which means Autumn is coming… or should I say Fall? Fernweh is the strange cousin of Heimweh (homesickness) and it refers to the longing to be somewhere else, a combination of wanderlust and nostalgia.

I always get this wish that I lived in Gilmore Girls or Anne of Green Gables right about this time of year. Where I wish instead of the leaves turning grey and soggy, they became fiery golden and crisp underfoot. That there would be a dry, cool wind blowing through the streets, that wool jumpers were pulled over summer blouses, that the smell of baking would be in the air, that I would have a picket fence and a porch and a big country kitchen… You know, the typical New England image.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t ever really want to live in the US again but if I ever get a chance to study abroad or something, I will do. My college in Oxford (Exeter College) plays host to a group of exchange students from Williamstown, Massachusets every year so I would love to make a good friend whom I can visit there one September.

It’s pic-spam time!

(photos of New England in the Fall)

maine2 maine8maine1 maine9maine7 maine3 maine6 maine5

(Williamstown, Massachusetts)

maine10 maine11

(Williams College, Williamstown, MA)

maine13 maine14

Isn’t is beautiful? Just for kicks, let me show you my college-to-be…*

exeter1 exeter2 

*…you know, if I don’t magically find a place to study Scandinavian Studies somewhere.  But that’s starting to look pretty much impossible unless I decide to study in another country. And anyway, it’s not a bad back-up plan. It’s beautiful, flat (so I can cycle there easily) and has really good links to the airports near London, as well as being a great place to get trains from! And it’ll set me up great for the future yadda yadda yadda meaning I can pursue my Scandinavian dream in a more roundabout way.

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, MOTHER? This is me seeing my cup half full!

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