The Cake God

I am truly, as my friend Shawnee put it, a “cake god”. In the last week or so, I have let there be cake three times and let there be cookies once.

First was the banana cake which I just knocked out, bored, on a Wednesday afternoon.

This was followed by a dark-chocolate sponge drenched in buttery chocolate icing and with an icing sugar heart on top, made for a friend’s 19th birthday.

On Monday I made the dough for cookies with dark-choc-chip and mixed chopped nuts, which I baked in two batches, and stored in traditional cookie jars… at least, until my family gobbled them all up! I tried to photograph them but our kitchen is such an ugly hospital green that the picture looked sickly.

Finally, today. The moistest, tangiest, softest lemon cake the world has ever seen, drizzled with home-made lemon marmalade.

I’ve now got my eyes on the Mississippi Mud Pie and the savoury ham muffins.

OK, OK, I can’t claim all the glory. Some dues must be paid, and mine go to the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook. Now, I’ve read the reviews on Amazon, which are mixed to say the least, but I swear by it. Don’t even believe those who say you have to stick to the recipes like glue. As long as you don’t deviate too much from the path of righteousness, it will make a god out of you too.

In other, more Iceland related news, I have booked my tickets! Or should that be, ticket. Singular. I’m fleeing on October the 5th at 21:15pm.

I’ve also done other boring stuff like e-mail Vodafone Iceland in order to sort out a SIM Card, finally figure out my residence permit and health insurance, and then there’s money. Argh! I hate havign to sort out money stuff.

It’s still all going a bit slowly, which is a frustration for a number of reasons. I want to know what my money situation will be like there. I want to KNOW she can take me on as an au pair! I hope I’m not being pushy or an imposition because I really got on well with her and am genuinely looking forward to meeting her again and getting to know her grand-daughter, and just being in Iceland.

Argh. Bureaucracy. I hate e-mails and phone calls. I know if we could speak to each other face-to-face we’d sort it out in a matter of minutes! Distance truly is a barrier.

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