Northern Lights

I just saw Northern Lights! I stepped out of Loa’s house after spending an EXCELLENT day there baking cookies, learning Icelandic, playing with Baby Magnus, talking to her nice husband and just enjoying life.

Just after dinner, I went to go home and what greeted me but A CORD OF GREEN SHIMMERING LIGHT! It led directly from the depth of the firmament to the horizon before me. I danced along the riverside with the Icelandic wind blowing in my face, following the path in the sky. OK, that’s a bit kitschy but I really can’t explain how it felt to see them. Private, almost like I was watching a celestial performance not intended for mortal eyes. I felt like crying out loud,  but my breath was so literally taken that I couldn’t make a sound. I gazed wide-eyed at the sky, not quite believing I was seeing them. They’re so imperial, aloft in the sky. Wow. Have some photos:





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