Pimp My Blog!

Ok, so that’s not a very inventive* title. Still, I wish to record how awesome my blog looks right now … More


I’ve been baking. When Loa put out the advert for the opening of her new children’s clothing shop, Emil og … More


Because I’m a girl. Because I’m young. Because I’ve just got my first money-earning job. Because I am a victim … More

It’s 2AM

How did this happen? Why am I up so late? Oh well. I was thinking that it’s time for me … More

Friday afternoon poem

Baby sleeping, Sun setting, mountain glowing red and white Where strong men once set their tents before the first winter … More

Sand on my tongue

Dear Diary, Today I ate some chocolate and some rice crispies and some old stir fry and I drank almost … More

Jealousy is a sad emotion

Warning: introspective post about myself. doesn’t make much sense. I’m feeling weepy in this moment, listening to Khamsina – that’s … More