Sand on my tongue

Dear Diary,

Today I ate some chocolate and some rice crispies and some old stir fry and I drank almost a bottle of a very orange fruit drink which is probably juice.

I watched Happy Feet and Shark Tale, both of which were genuinely entertaining, though the voices in Happy Feet make it the winner for me. I love Elijah Wood.

Regarding Icelandic, I memorised the indefinite case endings for relatively regular nouns. There are almost 50 endings in that set. I wrote a four-line poem which I am very proud of even if it took an hour and is probably mistake-ridden, but here it is:

Ég vet ekki lengur, hvað ég er að gera hérna

Ég bitaði eplið, sem lofaði mikila gleði

Ég eftirsjá ekkert, en ég vil að fara heim.

Af því að núna er allt bara sandur á tungunni minni

And finally, today I decided that I’m coming home after Christmas. I’m really happy with that decision.

Yours sincerely,


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