Rosh Hashana (2 months late)

Right, guys it’s Rosh Hashanah time.* No more wiffly wabbling about how being an au pair isn’t all peaches and cream – by the way, yum – no, I’m going to tell you about some things which make me happy. Things like:

… walking on the beach of black sand on the bank of the broad river outside the house, slipping on the frozen puddles by the water, laughing aloud in the stillness, find in a stream which steams and dipping my hand in it to find it’s the temperature of lukewarm tea.

… watching Forrest Gump for the first time.

… eating heart-shaped spice biscuits which taste of my German childhood Christmas.

… reminiscing about the summer and about how much I loved the group I spent the two best weeks of my life with – Johanna, Ginta, Katka, Chelsea, James, Melanie, Wiebcke, Ainara, Marcos, Joaquin/Spain, Akino, Kazuko, Masu/Tatsuhiro/Taxi, Gin and Hélène.

… the little music player on the right. Go on, have a look. 🙂

… Gary Sinise in this photograph:


… Amina’s words about learning to respect yourself. She may not even know or remember that I was listening, but they rang true to me. I am happy and proud to be who I am most days, and on the days I’m not I still love and forgive myself. Because if there’s one person you have to be able to rely on, it’s your very own self.

And just in case someone mysteriously goes missing, you can probably rely on Gary Sinise to brood on Manhattan rooftops, pace camera-wards, clench his jaw and find the killer in a thrilling, hectic and ultimately successful chase.

Ahhh, CSI.

*To avoid confusion, I’m not Jewish.

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