Advent 2010 II: Tractor in the sunshine

It’s the second advent photo for my Mum!

Today’s picture features a certain little Magnus. He loves cars and tractors and trucks and bicycles and all that kind of boyish stuff, so when this tractor parked practically outside the house, we had to go take a look. I’m not actually sure if his mum would mind me posting a picture of him here on this public blog, so even though I took a lot of cute close-ups of him trying to be a tractor and lifting heavy rocks, those will remain for my eyes only.

He does feature here, but non-identifiably, and certainly the tractor is the star!

Let me tell you, tearing him away from the tractor was not easy.


P.S. Note how I took this photo at 12:30, but it looks like it’s 5pm. That’s Iceland!

And yet there is still no snow.

Well, I hope you have snow, at least.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Fröhliche Weihnachten & Gleðileg Jol!


1 Comment

  1. You stupid girl! You wrote all these pages and… and I knew nothing about this new blog of yours! No need to say I have read this and all the older entries. LOL

    The photos you've taken there are really awesome, I love that light. And will you please hug Baby Magnus from my part? He still is the child I want to have! And say hello to Big Magnus also 😉

    lots of looooooove


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