Advent 2010 III: Er— List?

The Icelanders, of course, had to make up their own word for ‘art’. No, I wouldn’t ask them to use ‘art’ – that’s far too Romance. But maybe ‘Kunst’, the word which does a good enoguh job for the Germans, Dutch, Norwegian, Estonian, Danish and even the Faroese – the closest living language to Icelandic – could have been put under consideration.

But no. Just as they did with that often cited exampel of ‘computer’ (their word is ‘tölva’, which roughly translates as ‘number witch’), they had to get their own word. And they had to make it the uncharming ‘list’.

Ah well, life goes on.

Icelanders are very hand-on people, and it seems to me that almost everyone is a part time painter, potter, writer, jewellery maker, tailor, designer, decorator or poet. Which means that they often love to display art around their homes as well.

For today’s advent photos, I present four paintings in Loa’s house. Guess which is my favourite, and tell me yours!


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Fröhliche Weihnachten & Gleðileg Jol!


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