Advent 2010 V: December Lights

Haha. I went to the ‘Winter Garden Christmas Market’ in Selfoss today… fail. It was closed, for a start. I was told it was open all days on weekends, and after six on weekdays, so I thought that 5.00pm would do it. But no. Maybe it’s because it’s a Sunday. Great thinking there, Fiona! Also, as a German, I thought it was kind of pathetic. Three stalls, one of which sells jam, one of which sells hot chocolate and candy floss, and one of which is a mystery to me. Maybe I’ll go have another look but to be honest I’m not that driven.

Sorry that the post today is so blah, but my thighs are so cold they’re burning and I’m a little bit miffed. No, not miffed. More… unimpressed.

Anyway, the sunset was quite nice and I tried to take a photo of Icelandic Christmas decorations, but they were quite blurry. Hope you enjoy them anyway!



Didn’t get much else done today since I set no alarm and woke up at 12:30… nice to have a lie in once again, but it was a bit of a shame since my day feels like it never really got started! I looked over a friend’s submission for a German assignment and watched a lot of New Zealand’s Next Top Model because I am seriously in love with New Zealand at the moment. New Zealand accent, art, fashion, countryside and so on and so forth. I had a nice Advent-y ‘morning’ listening to carols on Youtube and eating biscuits.

So… see you tomorrow!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Fröhliche Weihnachten & Gleðileg Jol!


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