I’m Explosive

I’m so full of inspiration and energy and just… joy!

I can’t remember the last time I felt like this… Even after Eyrarbakki in the summer, I wasn’t so inspired and uplifted as if I feel like I’ve just taken a deep breath, like the air in my chest is fresh as mountain air and my speech is all in sheer italics.

I feel like the grey film from my life has been shifted and lifted and wiped away and now I can see the cloud forests in Madagascar and the sweet dew in the morning breeze and like I’m walking on clouds and silver linings are all around and all other saccharine thoughts and clichés are cushioning my step.

When I sat down to write this blogs my thoughts were much more ordered! But in reality they’re not; I’m still on a high from the camp and I genuinely feel like I’ve had pure spirit injected into my veins.

I want to cry so much because music is touching me as I write this and I just want to moksha into musical Brahman and smudge the dirt away and fly in the shining wohooooooo

I’ll come back to you when I calm down a little.

Music is my one force. I don’t want to go to University but I will go. I want to travel and see the world. I’m wonderfully naive. Hating people who are happy is easy, but I didn’t know that happiness was actually a feeling not a lack of!

I’ll come back to you when I calm down a little.

I’m so bleeding happy.

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