I miss Iceland

In the overwhelming love I felt for a number of people I met this year through SEEDs camps and other means in Iceland, it’s easy to look over the love I feel for Iceland itself. It’s so honest. I would like to go back next summer and discover its power.

Escape the cities and just run and swim and roll and laugh and lie and chew the cud in the fervent mountains and rivers, lakes and shores, caves and grassy banks and soaring arches and watertumbles, fjords and faults and cliffs and endless sunshine.

My one aim and motto, a symbol and theme throughout my life is that the highest form of joy and achievement is to by myself all of the time, and I have often said that the further North I go, the more I can do exactly that.
So. I miss Iceland.


  1. I miss Iceland, and i miss all of you!!!
    C'était une expérience inoubliable …
    Ton blog est super !!
    Et j'espère que tout va bien pour toi Fifi :-)!!


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