Rather than talk, today I’m just going to show you the place I’m dreaming of seeing. It’s a mysterious, relatively unspoilt, forgotten, varied part of the world which despite its manhandling by Soviet Russia and continued interior conflict, harbours a population of generous food-lovers with a funny language that looks and sounds like bubbles.


Ushguli, Svaneti (photo by frans.sellies)

Black Sea by Batumi (photo by herzegnovi)

Dmanisi Iconography (photo by Rita Willaert)

Tbilisi Apartment Blocks (photo by Spaak)


Tbilisi Old Town (photo by Luigi FDV)

Uplistsikhe Cave City (photo by Claire à Taiwan)

Sapara Monastery (photo by Claire à Taiwan)

Kashkheti Cave (photo by uncorneredmarket)


Downtown Batumi (photo by sandro_sando_16)

Kutaisi Church (photo by GoGap)

Lagodekhi Nature Reserve (photo by

I hope someday to visit this fascinating and stunning country.

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