The Grand Old Teatime Ceremony

Forget Greg.

Or, actually, don’t. I would still love that job to work out, but after 9 e-mails and seven days of no correspondence at all I’ve almost given up hope. (But it still continues to be my dream job.)

In the meantime, however, I’ve landed myself a certified real and proper job interview at Whittard, which would also be a great place to work. It’s a relatively old (est. 1886) chain of shops selling tea, coffee, hot chocolate, chinaware and other accessories for those who love to indulge in the Great British afternoon tea ceremony. Going in there is a feast for all the senses: beautiful and varied designs, from pretty florals (not my thing) to simple hand-painted designs in primary colours (my thing) for the eyes and fingers; tea samples for the mouth, and leaf tea to smell; and lots of tea and coffee sets, as well as nifty shiny gadgets.

Now, I don’t consider myself English at all but I have certainly adopted the culture as it pertains to tea. I love it when I find the time and state of mind to properly brew a pot of tea, with matching cup, saucer, milk jug and teapot, and of course the ubiquitous slice of homemade cake. And then, because I’ve recently gone off books a bit (I know, shoot me down), I will plug my mp3 player into the amplifier and set it on shuffle. Vashti Bunyan goes well with a delicate Earl Grey, whereas a breakfast blend is better with something more upbeat.

Enough of weird synaesthesia,; here is my wishlist from the Whittard website.

Click the images and explore by yourself!


This took me four hours to make. BED TIME NOW.

xxx F


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