I don’t share Delightfully Tacky’s love of 1970s interior design, but I’ve always thought I have a 70s face. Also, I gel very well with the ‘natural’ 70s idea… bare makeup, comfortable clothes, simple hair, and so on.
That is why Topshop’s new collections, Swedish Summer and Snake Valley, are so bittersweet for me. On the one hand, they’re quite intriguing to me… I don’t like everything (I’m not a fan of crotchet, calf-length anything or ruffles), but the warm, bright colours and longer length trousers and dresses are attractive nonetheless.
BUT I HAVE NO INCOME. And I have a self-imposed £30 a month spending limit as i don’t want to deplete my diminished savings all too rapidly, so it won’t stretch to much.
I guess it’s time to hunt Reading’s disappointing charity shops.
I don’t even have a sewing machine so it’s not like I can make something myself.
Well it is what it is. I’ll just look instead.
I do love the girl’s ombre hair though so maybe I’ll try that out.

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