xxix Home Run

I was all ready to resign myself to not posting today, but something tells me that giving up on the … More

xviii Wills and Kate

Wills and Kate are getting married tomorrow and I thought I’d dedicate this to them. Partly because I’m running out … More

xvii Weird Facts

Here’s some more random dreams I have: Appearance wise, I love tattoos (and, to a lesser extent, dreadlocks) – I … More

xxiv Two Beloved Blogs

One day I will catch up, promise. Today I’m recommending you to go look at these two blogs, one long-0time … More

xxiii Photos!

Consider this yesterdays blog (because this is what I did yesterday: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood… …betwixt the … More

xxii Thank you!

Be you a long-time follower, semi-acquaintance, a fellow blogger from the online community, or a long-time friend I just thought … More

xxi Dream Home

You know how I was talking about dreams the other day? Well, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about it … More

xix Pooh Sticks

I played pooh sticks with my friend Shawnee. I vlogged a lot and made a total fool of myself. Isn’t … More