iii Macedonia?

Did I… blog… yesterday? No? Oh well, just count this as yesterday’s post.

I’ve been stressing out a lot about my summer, and that’s mainly because I have no idea what I want to do.

There are a couple of plans which have firmed up that I am looking forward to: stewarding two festivals (WOOD in Oxfordshire and Shambala in a mystery location) which feature things such as bicycle-powered stages and party yurts; and spending a week or two in Spain with two friends. Other than that, I hope to spend a week in Munich with my mother.

So where’s the dilemma, you ask? I want to go inter-railing, but none of my friends are interested. I’ll try to keep it short and lose the self-pity, but everybody’s either looking for work experience, or travelling with family. Apart from that they just don’t seem interested.

So I looked into volunteering… but it’s so expensive! I thought at first of doing a camp in Greece and then in Macedonia, and then on to Munich for that week with my Mum, and finally interrailing back to the UK. But I realised that Macedonia is essentially a pit of sinking sand. It costs tuppence to get in and an arm and a leg to leave!

There’s such a big part of me which just wants to go back to Iceland… but that’s also extremely expensive. The fact is I am closing doors for myself. I don’t want to travel alone for long – staying in youth hostels and farms isn’t much fun without a companion, at least for shy, unexperienced me.

I’ll try to figure it out. But it is causing me way more stress than it should!



What are you plannign for your holidays this year?

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