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Well, here it is! My weekend blog.


As I mentioned on Friday, I spent this weekend at my aunt’s house which is close to Oxford. It didn’t start off so great because I threw a big ole emotional wobbly on the train station (part of that funsie chronic depression shizzle!) but my Mum comforted me wonderfully even though I know she sometimes finds it hard to know what to say – but really, it’s hard to cheer someone up with logic if they’re acting crazy! It’s like I can see and anticipate the logical explanation but it’s irrelevant because something in me just rejects every solution to the problem…

Well, anyway, once I was on the train I realised I didn’t have my phone so I couldn’t tell my aunt when I was arriving, and when I did arrive I had to wait and hope she guessed (she did). BAH NOT SPIFFY. And on top of everything else my poor aunt wasn’t feeling too well.

But by the end of the evening, with some lovely conversation and plenty of expensive luxury Earl Grey tea from Fortnum & Masons (fancy fancy makes me happeh happeh) I was feeling fine as a fendered friend and went to bed after reading my lovely little Auntie Mame. I also was cheered up by my little travel toothbrush. I’m easily depressed and easily amused.

I’m just volatile, baby!


Saturday was another glorious, sunny day with temperatures around 20C! It started off with Nutella and fruit salad, so really, how bad can a day get after that?

We walked around Oxford (my favourite pastime). There’s a museum which my friend Cat (a Harry Potter nerd with mathsy smarts) showed me a few months ago called the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and I’ve been wanting to go to that for a while. It has dinosaur bones (my FAVOURITE), and stuffed animals you can touch and it also had an exhibition about a man with MS who was this incurable optimist and outside a load of African tree roots from enormous trees with names like Wawa and then – and THEN, then there were LIVE OWLS. And we didn’t really look at the dinosaurs but we spent ages looking at bugs and insects which was a lot more interesting than I thought it would be! The owls were the best though.


Tree trunk

Papier Mache Head by the Optimistic MS Artist

Touchable Fox – NO ‘DO NOT TOUCH’ SIGN!

Beautiful Victorian (1860) Museum

P1010539 <—These guys were really funny. The big owl was called Megan and the little one was called Holly. Holly had a huge perch and Megan had this tiny one but she insisted on perching next to her buddy Megan.

Megan seemed really haughty and refined and elegant and then this pipsqueak was fluttering around excitedly to her perch and back to Megan’s and it was kind of sweet because every time the little one came, Megan just sort of gracefully stepped to the side.


Any idea what this is/was? Yeah, me neither.


At the back of the hall was a door which led into another museum – the Pitt Rivers Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. It was kind of the same size and shape as the first hall but totally dark and crammed full of display cases. The cases weren’t sorted like a normal museum by century or region, but by the objects themselves. So you had a case full of spoons from all over the world and all different times, or another one full of amulets (that was really cool). My favourite was the music section:

Loads and loads of thumb pianos

I’ve been wanting a zither for ages!

OK enough with the museum stuff, let’s move on! I had yummy lunch of fishcakes and chips, and then it was time for me to suck it up and get a treat. I’ve been finding it strangely hard to spend money on anything nice lately and I’ve literally just been buying Uni texts, bus tickets and loads of coffee so I felt like it was time for a treat. After about 45 minutes in this huge store of Many Wonders, I got an on-sale insect-repellent body cream which is much nicer than it sounds. I’m so so so happy with it! It smells really fresh and not girly, and it has a PURPOSE too! Kind of like me, except I don’t have a purpose at the moment 😛 I also got two more leather bookmarks which I collect, dozens of sale pencils and some postcards.


Today! Also known as yesterday because it’s ten past midnight. This morning (seems like ages ago) I had another slow yummy breakfast at my aunt’s before coming back home to my phone and my parents. My phone had depressingly little to say, and my family even less because my parents promptly went out shopping and my brother’s girl (not allowed to call her girlfriend for some weird reason) was visiting so I haven’t seen him at all. Nevertheless I enjoyed the day. I finished Auntie Mame (and the guy who wrote it is really interesting!), ate fishcakes and real cake and strawberres and ice cream and yoghurt and more strawberries and a sausage and some vegetables and some more strawberries, I played guitar and tidied up and browsed the web.

I have subscribed to a new YouTuber who posts videos every day and she’s about my age. But she’s really cheerful and optimistic and positive; just the opposite of me! Also, something which is really unusual is that even though she is following her dream and is brave enough to not go to University (which I desperately wish I was brave enough to do) and lives away from home and in Canada (which I have had a massive crush on for years – in fact over a decade!), I’m not jealous. YAY FOR SELF-BETTERMENT!

Ok, almost done, I promise. If you made it to here you deserve a medal.


Who do you really admire?

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  1. Who do you really admire? That's such a hard question to answer, because the truth is i often admire everybody and sometimes nobody. I suppose we admire the people who do or say the things we can't; so in that sense i admire those who travel and seek out adventure in foreign lands.


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