xxi Dream Home

You know how I was talking about dreams the other day? Well, I’ve actually been thinking a lot about it since I wrote that up. I spoke to Shawnee about it, asked my parents, and also turned to many online people who I admire to see what their dreams are.

I’m doing that thing again where I put random pretty pictures in between the text.

The verdict? I don’t think I need to worry.

  • Cassandra’s dreams seem to be largely profession-related (to be a stunt double/actress or at the moment a waitress);
  • Shawnee’s dream is not so strictly profession-related but she clearly has a passion for art which drives her and troubles her and inspires her and almost totally defines her;
  • my brother is like a mixture of Cassandra and Shawnee as all he wants is to work in the film industry;
  • Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky doesn’t seem to have so much of a specific dream now because the Winnebago roadtrip was a dream, and now she’s happily living in a town she loves with people she loves;
  • and my mother is somewhat like me, a little undecided (swinging throughout her life dreaming of being anything from doctor to author), but a lot wiser too.


Of the five people I just mentioned, I think I am most like Elizabeth. The reason I say this is that as I was wandering through my potential dreams over the last week, I realised it all came back to one thing: home. I’m not going to give you a big ole Freudian analysis but basically I have never in my life felt like I’ve had a home. I know I’ve moved less than a lot of people (only four different towns, three different countries), and my heritage isn’t culturally very different (Scottish and German) but for some reason or another I’m a bit of a mess when it comes to feeling at home.

So these are the dreams I recognise:

  • to live independently in my own apartment –  dream of the day where I am the one who has to worry about how expensive a sofa I can afford, and whether I’ve done the dishes.
  • to live in a houseboat

Kerala, India

  • to live (in order of preference) in Canada, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Bavaria, Maine, Paris, the Netherlands, or Scotland.


  • to build/design my own house with a front porch and a balcony where I can sit and drink my tea, read my book, watching the world go by and waving to my neighbours, a big kitchen wit h room for a table, big windows for a lot of light, small bedrooms and big living rooms to encourage people not isolating themselves, and a garden with a fish pond, a trampoline and in summer an inflatable pool. Detailed? Not too much, I would hope…



Where is it your dream to live?


  1. Good question … I suspect that, for me, it's not so much about where I live as how I live.

    Oh, and have you thought of Nova Scotia? It'd be a handy way to combine Canada and Scotland in one fell swoop …


  2. Bergen, Tallinn, Copenhagen, Montreal, Buenos Aires, Kiev, Beirut, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Provence, the Faroe Islands – pretty much everywhere and anywhere but Watford.


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