xxiv Two Beloved Blogs

One day I will catch up, promise. Today I’m recommending you to go look at these two blogs, one long-0time favourite and one recent love.

image image image

Delightfully Tacky

Part fashion blog, part life blog, and sometime adventure in a Winnebago motor home blog.

Elizabeth’s is a charming and heart-warmingly genuine blog, interspersed with beautiful photos.

image image





Young House Love

This blog follows the  lives of John, Sherrie and their cute baby, Clara, a young family as they paint, furbish and DIY their home. I love the occasional snippets, be it Clara laughing at a ball or their dog, Burger, hijacking their duvet.



Do you have any blog recommendations – or even a blog of your own?

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  1. I have got a blog, actually: it's called Fresher Blog (fresher-blog.blogspot …), and was meant to be a chronicle of my first few months at uni. It's full of stuff about preparing for uni, but there's less stuff of me actually here since I became so busy so quickly after arriving!


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