xvii Weird Facts

Here’s some more random dreams I have:

  • Appearance wise, I love tattoos (and, to a lesser extent, dreadlocks) – I just don’t think I’m ready for either of those commitments just yet. Here are some of my favourites in no order at all:

bird tattoo SSL22815 tumblr_li9j503UQM1qzabkfo1_400

tumblr_lhhkne3X5l1qzabkfo1_400 tumblr_lhhtymN8sy1qzabkfo1_400 tord_boontje_tattoo_by_robotslikejazz

tumblr_lhnp2vj0Kk1qzabkfo1_400 tumblr_li6h19teQy1qzabkfo1_400 tumblr_li2alm0joG1qzabkfo1_400 tumblr_lhgr93vOW61qzabkfo1_400 tumblr_lhhkb1IS2d1qzabkfo1_400

tumblr_li8n10Z2Oc1qzabkfo1_400 tumblr_lhg704lJzD1qzabkfo1_400 tumblr_lhoipuHcQ51qzabkfo1_400

tumblr_lhpyrhI0Qr1qzabkfo1_400 music spontaneity  SONY DSC SAMSUNG


  • be a bouncer – I did this (sort of) one night in Iceland and it was SO FUN!
  • take up judo again, and really really learn to enjoy sport – I will probably do this in oxford, and anyway, I’ve still got my ghi!
  • one day do a cross-country run, or some other endurance sport like hiking the welsh border – recently I’ve been running not around my ugly concrete and cookie cutter neighbourhood (have we covered how much I hate this town?) but with my mother. Apart from the fact that it’s awesome not to run alone, to have someone to encourage, be encouraged by, and give up on hills together with… we run (thanks to the car) in the beautiful countryside, and I forgot how much I love it out there!  Also, we’ve signed up to the Race for Life!


  • pass my driver’s license
  • learn, really learn, how to sail a boat – when I was younger (and the whole world, including my family, richer), we went sailing several times in the Greek islands. It was just as idyllic as it sounds, but I never paid enough attention to the sailing, more to the lounging about in the sun. Blame me?

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