xviii Wills and Kate

Wills and Kate are getting married tomorrow and I thought I’d dedicate this to them. Partly because I’m running out of blog post ideas, but largely because it’ll annoy my religiously hard-core republican dad*.

Something old: the vintage green and leather Samsonite briefcase I got for a fiver today from a charity shop. SCORE.

Something new: I’m going to go right ahead and class the briefcase together with the new 70p plastic water bottle I got. CHECK.

Something borrowed: Ok, I’ll admit, I’m struggling with this one, but I can wing it… the air I breathe. It is borrowed from those creatures on this earth who do not have to carry the immeasurable guilt of the human race on their Edit: Yup, I just, uh, didn’t finish that sentence…

Something blue: The sky is blue tonight, instead of orange! Let me explain: we live in a suburb on a hill. At the far side of the hill runs a busy motorway which normally lights up the night sky in an ugly sickly orange-grey colour. Not tonight! I’m not sure why, but it’s blue. Anyway, that counts.

Yup. And since my 90-year-old grandmother told me I am of a marriageable age now, I’m all set.
Anyone interested?

*as we are not American, I just wanted to clarify he is not Republican (i.e. the right-wing political party of the US) but republican (i.e. believes Britain should abolish the monarchy)

1 Comment

  1. Surely you've got a library book out? That would count as something borrowed …

    Oh, and where have your bloquirys gone? They're such a good idea!


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