In Theory

Thank you, I really appreciate the comments. But I really don’t want to talk about it, especially not with the internet.

Oh, it’s such a witty play on words, isn’t it? I’m watching In Treatment, so I named this post In Theory. Get it? Not yet? Oh wait, there’s a bit missing 😀

I’ve also been looking at a website called Jung at Heart, which is interesting to me as it’s run by a psychotherapist who reviews every episode of In Treatment (a show which televises a psychotherapists’ week with his various patients in a non-dramatic way, almost like a play in its simplicity) from the point of view of a trained therapist. I’m surprised at how interesting I find psychotherapeutic theory!

Enough blah blah blah. She wrote about this emotional/psychological phenomenon that humans would rather be bad (i.e. to blame for their sin, their troubles, their failed relationships) than powerless.

“Most of us would rather be bad than weak, rather be responsible for the bad things that happen, the failed relationships, than to accept that we cannot control the world and others. Because if I believe I am bad and make people treat me as they do, that means if I work hard enough, I can change and in changing, change them too. But to know that I am weak, that I have no control over other people and their behaviour places me at the mercy of forces beyond me and means I am unable to make the world be as I wish it were.”

Interesting stuff! Not sure how much it applies to me, since I’ve not yet experienced any upheaval in my life I could blame myself for… and I’ve always (rather oddly, I suppose), prided myself on my ability to forgive bot myself and others, utterly.

Look at this, closely: It’s brilliant!


I think this picture is hilarious, and … vaguely… relevant? It’s form artdungeon, and I love the way she depicts the Harry Potter series.


*if you’re struggling to fin the humour, Santa doesn’t know where to put Snape on the bad/good list!

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