Ok, so perhaps saying that my college* ‘rocks hard’ is a bit of wishful thinking, but it seems to seriously just have the best alumni. Or rather, the alumni most suited to me which is even more awesome.

In addition to J R R Tolkien, Rita Chakrabati, William Morris, Philip Pullman and Alan Bennet who all studied at Exeter College Oxford, as I shall too, let me announce…

Neil Blair 

(J K Rowling’s literary agent!)



*for all you Americans, a ‘college’ is something specific to very few Universities in the UK, such as Durham, York, Cambridge and Oxford. Though you get your degree and study at the University, you live in, socialise and meet your personal tutor in your college so it’s basically your home. The comparison of Oxford University being the United States of America, and each college being a state is the most accurate one I’ve ever sen.

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