Shake Me Away

Off to another job interview today. I am sure this will be my last because it’s so disheartening to consistently be rejected for six straight months (that’s how long it’s been, yup) that I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Ahh, just kidding. C’est la vie.


The main annoying thing about the fact that I haven’t found a job is it means I had to downgrade my summer holiday plans from camel-hiking in Jordan/rainforest-camping in La Reunion/teaching English in South America/island-hoping from here to Iceland to… a few days in Prague (where I’ve been twice), a few days in Munich (several times a year since birth) and two weeks in Spain near and in Barcelona (at least five times)where I’ve been many times. Nowhere new. I’m not trying to brag but I jsut wanted to use my gap year for gap year stuff! Exploring.


Ah well, like I said, ‘c’est la vie’. This has become my motto.


But the job interview is in Shakeaway, a place I’ve wanted to work since I was 13 so I knew I’d forever kick myself if I didn’t at least turn up.


Seriously though, I just want 2011 to be over already. 2010 was too good. I should have seen this coming.

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