Pretty Handmade Bunting

One thing happened and then another thing happened.

The first thing was Fringe. The second was a bunting.

To see the bunting, scroll down.

Fringe is a television show which deals with the FBI and science and alternate Universes, yes… but really, it’s about three people and their relationship with one another. A crazy, worn, torn, lovable, genius, father, his tough, suspicious, hilarious, intelligent, sexy son and a strong, scarred, wry, practical, open-minded woman. I have such a crush on this show (and on Joshua Jackson) that I have to limit myself when describing it.

Three things that will sell it to you: complex plots, witty dialogue, fantastic acting.

FRINGE: The Fringe team returns in the FRINGE Season Three premiere airing Thursday, Sept. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2010 Fox Broadcasting Co. Pictured L-R: Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole, Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble and Lance Reddick. CR: Andrew Macpherson/FOX

But as all good things must sadly come to an end, I reached the end of season 3, and when that post-season low hit, I had to fill it somehow.

So, seeing as yesterday was one of my friends’ birthday, it was about time I made her present (and a bag for it to go in), so here it is. I’ve made so many paper buntings recently that I’m totally pro now. Yup. That’s how to describe it.



The illustration of the girl is by me with ink and watercolours, and so is the ‘bag’. I made it from old file dividers.

The pictures on the bunting itself were nicked from etsy, for which I’m sorry.

The book which gave the pages was a 50p charity shop steamy romance about a woman called Sandie and a guy –a guy – called Sky. Beat that.


I kind of wish I could keep it. I love the animals – the walrus with a crown, the multi-coloured stag, the giraffe and the bug-crest are the best in my opinion.

What do you think? Opinions welcome on Fringe or the bunting, on TV shows you love and recommend, or DIY craft projects you’d like to see.


  1. That's fantastic! Have you thought about doing something similar for your room in Oxford?

    Oh, and that was probably the most productive use ever of a 50p Mills and Boon novel …


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