Got Ink?

I’ve not stopped thinking about getting a tattoo since I made a post in which I listed some of my favourites. . I’m not planning on getting one right now, but it’s fun top play around with ideas. And anyway, who knows?

1) Heritage flowers. The first idea and one I’ve had longest is this one, to get the two flowers of my heritage tattooed on my body – that is, of Scotland and Germany, more specifically, Bavaria. I don’t think I need to go into much detail, since flowers and heritage tattoos are both realtively common and self-explanatory, but as I’ve always been rootless between these two roots, I am strongly drawn to them.

What are the flowers? An edelweiss for Bavaria (the alpine bit of Germany where I’m from), and a thistle for Scotland.

I’ve done a few little sketches to show the designs: I’d want the tattoos in brown, and in more of an outline than a true-to-life style. It’s important that the tattoo is hideable, yet something I can see and show without too much difficulty – that means no wrists, but also no inner thigh.

tattoo flower tattoo flower2


2) Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis. This tattoo idea came to me more recently so it’s something I’ll definitely let grow for a while longer. Obviously Scandinavia and Iceland are extremely important to me and have been for quite a while, so I think this is a very good and beautiful way of showing my love to the world. I also think that, as with the heritage flower tattoos, this would be comforting for me.

northlight tattooo

northlight tattooooooonorthlight tattoooo

northlight tattooooonorthlight tattoooooo


Please let me know what you think of the designs, the placements, even the very idea of getting a tattoo! Would you get one? Have you got one? If so, what would you get? I’m really curious!


  1. Ooooh, I love both ideas! I really really do. I've never even though that a tattoo of the northern lights was possible, but what do you know, you've made it work. I think the lights are very daring. I'm sure it would end up extremely beautiful if you do decided to get a tattoo like that, but please make sure you really want it! The heritage flowers – I love the idea of them, it really fits you, and I guess both flowers are part of who you are, which is what makes them so important to you. In a way I envy you your roots, you're so 'mixed' in a way! I'm nothing but 100% Norwegian. No one in my family ventured outside the boarders of Norway… apart from those who emigrated to the US, but then again, they don't really affect my heritage much… 😛 Anyways. Love the tattoos, both ideas!


  2. i really like the flower idea, its understated and personal and just really, really lovely. not too sure about the northern lights. it could look nice but could also be a bit messy if not done well?

    oops i havent blogged all summer. must do better!


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