place to call home

I’ve just recovered from a pesky bout of late-starter freshers flu which is why it’s been a while… Nothing serious, just a drippy tap of a nose and a tickly cough. I did lose my voice for a couple of days, but found it swimming in a Lemsip lake so it’s all good now.
The week itself was as per usual.
Two essays, a handful of other translations, commentaries, grammar exercises, Spanish lessons son muy bien.
On Friday, a friend from London (well, friend from school who studies in London) came to visit which was a really nice break, and on the night previous I visited my aunt in Abingdon for some relaxing cannelloni.
Friday, celebrated a friend’s birthday with a midnight walk around Oxford (that wasn’t the plan; we didn’t reach our intended club destination), went on a little three-pub pub-crawl, started to figure out housing for next year – easier than I’d feared, but more complicated than I’d hoped is a good way to sum it up.
Two movie nights. Last Thursday was a mini Monty Python marathon, and yesterday I watched The Shining for the first time. It wasn’t as scary as I’d feared, but I still spent half the movie clasping other people’s hands, shoulders and knees. It sounds like a kids’ game. It was pure terror.
Ate and drank a couple of meters away from Emma Watson on more than one occasion, but I’m so oblivious about celebrities that I only found out afterwards both times. Some of my friends met Lord Faulkner. Apparently he’s really important. 😀 His name’s familiar to me so he must be…
As every year since my 8th, which was spent in Florida, Hallowe’en was a total non-starter. I wore a Viking hat for some of it.
So yeah… that’s me all done.
Till next time.

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