Iceland Again: the sea all round and the waters within

Consider this a postcard to everyone.

This is a message coming to you from Iceland, my home away from home. I wish I could stay here for ever and so does everyone who comes here! I know you’d love it.

I took a ukelele. My friends, Shawnee and Ana, made fun of me for doing so but now they know it was a good idea. That’s not true, taking the ukelele was a ridiculous idea but they love it here anyway, and showing Iceland to them is a thing I like to do. I’m really happy that it’s made as strong a first impression on them than it has on me.

Look how happy they are!





And I am as well!


One last picture before I go. We found this by accident and it’s the most potent argument for why Iceland is the best country. Natural hot tub!


Lots of love and see you soon,


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