Solution in a Teacup

My jewellery box was overflowing, cheap, and ugly. Every time I had to dig around for the second of a pair of earrings, or disentangle a ring from a necklace I wanted to wear, it would really stress me out. Not Big Stress, but the petulant kind of “well, fine then, Universe, I guess you just want me to be ugly today” shrill irritation.


So I decided to turn to tumblr for inspiration and rectified the situation with a £2 set of teacups and saucers from a charity shop, and some superglue from my Dad’s toolbox.


I think that finding beauty in the ordinary or the plain, or creating beauty from the ugly and the flawed, is something which I really go on about quite a lot (and on and on and on and on and on). Perhaps looking back at some of those past posts, it’s not quite immediately apparent how they show finding beauty… but it’s a series of small choices.

IMG_1514  IMG_1511

Imagine you are watching your favourite television program, or reading your favourite book. You’re looking at the life of these characters and you might think that they and their lives are unattainably perfect. Nobody actually curls up in bed, with a cup of hot cocoa, candlelight and a good book. Nobody actually cooks a full meal when they come home exhausted from work. Apart from anything else, it’s all a lot of effort. Right you are! But do it anyway.


To me, it’s a deliberate and defiant act. When I talk about making something beautiful, I’m not talking about the superficial appearance or aesthetic impact of a thing, though that is usually the outcome of beauty. Beauty is proof that there is meaning, and purpose; it’s a testament to the will and the heart of women and men. A doe tenderly stepping through a twilit clearing cannot be described as beautiful unless observed, because beauty isn’t inate in the material world. Its genesis is in man.

To make or find something beautiful is proof that we exist and can improve our lot in life. It’s a symbol for the daily struggle to find Self in the wide sea of everyone, and it’s something I rely on for sanity and the small slivers of happiness I can create.


Symbols and twilit deer aside, I think that making or finding something beautiful is a sign of affection for the world. So I did exactly that, found something prety, and made something beautiful. Do you like my teacups?


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  1. I love your ideas on finding beauty in places, I hate it when people assume beauty will present it to them rather than having to work for it. Today I was feeling upset so went for a walk in the rain, listening to lovely music and found some old chalk pits. They weren't the most attractive landmark in the world but it was all beautiful because of the rain and the music and just the spur of the moment act.

    Also love the teacups


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