Norway II: Arctic Train

Norway Part I: “New” Old Oslo

At the end of my fourth day in Oslo, I said a warm goodbye to Tone and Ben, and got onto the overnight train to Trondheim, which is a seven-hour journey about a third of the way up Norway’s coast. Though it was certainly not the most comfortable night of sleep I’ve ever had, it was an interesting enough experience, and the complimentary blanket kept me happy enough. The bulk of the journey north was still to be completed though, as in Trondheim I changed trains in the foggy morning and boarded the ten-hour train to Bodø.

Altogether, that’s a seventeen-hour train journey… And a breathtaking one at that.

IMG_1948   IMG_1959
IMG_1971   IMG_1973
I spent the day intermittently napping and taking photos of the increasingly barren and beautiful oustide. Tired and insecure in my ability to speak Norwegian, it was an exercise in peace and solitude, and one which I found trying at times. Yet it was all worth it to be able to cross one thing off my bucket list – I was about to spend a night north of the arctic circle, on a level with Greenland, The Northwestern Passage in Canada, and the Siberian steppes.

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  1. the pictures are soooo beautiful, im very jealous!! how far north are you going?

    btw how does the train ticket cost compare to british prices? i was really impressed the other day when i found out you can get a train from copenhagen all the way to narvik (which is some 300km north of bodø) for about £100, and that included a private room with bed and shower.


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