Norway V: Headed Home

Norway Part I: “New” Old Oslo
Norway Part II: Arctic Train
Norway Part III: The Emperor’s Cairn
Norway Part IV: Trondheim and Troubles

At 11 I got on my night train to leave Trondheim(the last, thank goodness!) and woke up the next morning in Oslo, where I was met my a friend.
IMG_2688IMG_2751   IMG_2707IMG_2703
We stumbled into a strange book fair where people dressed up on stilts, and we annoyed the guards outside the palace.  We also spent a lo-hooot of money on arcade games. The next few days were possibly the most chillaxing of the holiday, as I stayed with Ingvild and her family. They’re all nice. She’s hilarious. One of the weird highlights for me was watching Norwegian television, and I think my Norwegian improved a lot in the few days I was there. Sadly I took almost no photos – I think that says a lot about how good a time I was having!
IMG_2719IMG_2722   IMG_2739IMG_2749
I loved the fact that in Ingvild’s town, outside some of the bus stops, people had put out garden furniture – very cute! And I think I found my dream house. It’s quite big.
Then, a bus, a flight, and another bus and I was back again on terra firma. Back in Oxford. Home.

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