Plans, plans, plans

Lately, I’ve been getting worse at planning.

The flip side of recently finding that really pleasant “it’s going to be alright”, contentment kind of happy is that I’ve lost all the ‘good’ parts of being the hyper-organised, over-thinking, always-early eager beaver which I used to be.

So, partly as a resolution to be more forward-thinking, and partly as a resource to use as a motivation tool for when I’m procrastinating instead of studying, here is a list of my four dreams/goals I have right now for life after Uni:

  1. An MA in Literary Translation into German at the LMU in Munich


  2. A PGDE in Primary Education at Edinburgh University


  3. A year spent as an EVS volunteer at SEEDS in Iceland


  4. A year spent TEFLing in South America (this photo was taken by my parents in 1980s Brazil)


So many acronyms, phew!

Hopefully these are the things which will keep me focussed and energetic when it’s half past eight in the evening (20:38 to be precise) and I have 180-odd pages to read about German novellas of the 19th century… After all, no matter how boring that is, it will indirectly and eventually lead me to my dream life of working part-time as a primary school teacher and spending the rest of my time translating German bestsellers into English.

Oh, and by the way, just to prove to you how much I love planning (and how flighty I am when it comes to career commitments), you can file this under “Fiona’s long and varied list of plans for the future”, also featuring…


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  1. I thought you wanted to do an MA in Scandinavian Studies? Would you want to teach in the UK or abroad? I have always fancied working in international schools in various different countries – have you ever considered it?


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