/1/ cozy, bright and beautiful

Inspired by Chez Larsson (Swedish, chic, crafty) I’ve decided to try to do one of those photo-documentary things this year, picking a photo to sum up my past week. I’m going to do it for a grand total of at least one week – because my resolutions are plentiful enough!

endof2012 (346)

This is the first thing I saw – and therefore photographed – when I woke up in 2013.

I had spent the night before on a mattress in the attic of a friend’s boyfriend’s house in Bristol, having whiled away the last hours of 2012 by drinking Cava and watching the fireworks from Clifton Suspension Bridge (magnificent, if you were wondering).

There were some newly-made friends to my right, some bitchy German girls to my left, and even a friend from college near by – though I didn’t’ find that out until today! Isn’t life full of strange coincidences?

The day of New Years Eve had been resolutely overcast and rainy, so the sunlight streaming through old panes of fogged up glass, casting watery patterns on the wall and illuminating a cup of tea on the sill, was the a perfect image with which to begin the new year – cozy, bright and beautiful.


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