/6/ Halfway

Halfway Hall is when a year group at an Oxford College celebrates being halfway through their degree. Except of course, half of us aren’t halfway through. For those on three-year-courses (History, English, Music, Law etc.) it is truly a noteworthy occasion, and has come sooner than any of us thought. But for the rest of us linguists, classicists, mathematicians and scientists, we’re not quite there yet.

In any case, we, the second years of Exeter College, celebrated Halfway Hall this week. The combination of funny speeches and plenty of wine meant a good night was had by all.

group photo

Looking at this photo I realise just how lucky I am to be a part of this bunch of fruitcakes. It’s really sad that at the end of this year, I’ll not only be getting ready to go on a year abroad, but I’ll be saying goodbye – the real, don’t-exactly-know-when-I’ll-see-you-again kind – to a lot of my friends.

Goodbye to the Irishman who dozed off on me while watching Walk the Line; to the neighbour who chatted with me until 3 in the morning on the rooftops of College; to the lawyer who stops me from crumbling and puts me back together time and time again; to the Swede who not only tacitly accepts, but actually encourages, my presence at Scandinavian Society events; to the Eurovision fanatic who accompanied me around Berlin… As I’m sure you can believe, I’ve barely touched on the number of people who surround me here and I’ll be sorry to say goodbye when the time comes.

But it has not yet come. Bring on Summer! Hurrah!


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