/7/ Turl Street Arts Festival



Do you see that look of gleeful terror in my eyes? The exhaustion, the anxiety, the TINT OF LUNACY? No? It’s there.

Last week was the week of Turl Street Arts Festival, and I was on the committee. If I said that it was the most exhausting thing I have ever done I don’t think that would be a word of a lie. I’ve  been known to put on five plays in a term, to hike for days in the Peak District with 13kg on my back, and to spend fourteen rainy and cold hours in the city of Trondheim without anywhere to go.

No, TSAF wins.

In theory, it was an amazing experience. I personally was involved in putting on an art exhibition and a Prohibition-themed party but there was also a comedy evening, a live poetry reading, and an exceptional original play, as well as lots of recitals and concerts, all squeezed into one hectic and crazy week kicked off by a Call Me Maybe flashmob and concluded by dinner at High Table in Jesus College.

Unfortunately, I was so drained that I zombied my way through the last few days of the festival! From midday on Friday to midnight on Saturday I had about three hours break, plus about seven hours of sleep. It was not a lot, not enough, and by Saturday evening it was all I could do not to burst into tears. Instead, I morosely held a punnet of plums and was stuck in a taxi home by a concerned friend.

The whole thing was an extraordinary thing to do and I’m very glad of the friends I made and the things I learned by taking part. But I couldn’t be more relieved that it’s over. Even though  I have an essay due today which I can’t finish in time (so sad, first missed deadline of the term!) and two more due next Monday, even though I am still juggling four jobs with a fifth on the way, I am relaxed for the first time in a fortnight.

Painting my nails and writing/crying about the holocaust. That’s how I’m spending today.

More photos from the festival: Art Exhibition with live music; a moment of respite from the frenzy; Prohibition party in Exeter College hall.

IMG_9844   IMG_9853
IMG_9935   IMG_9964


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