/10/ Parma Escape

I ran away to Parma! I saw two of my school friends, wonderful people with hearts like mountains, singers with lungs full of magic, writers of poetry and music, thinkers with silken ideas and gilded tongues.

Victoria and Ellie, (check out their blogs) were incredible hosts who welcomed me into their mental, busy lives at the drop of a hat (or at least, at the drop of three days notice). Victoria is a student at the Conservatorio in Parma, Ellie works at a theatre, and both are on years abroad from Newcastle and Bristol respectively.

We had wine and pizza in a park, cycled around, went to see a Brecht play in Italian, had coffee and conversations/inspirations galore, went out for dinner and lunch, had delicious ice cream, browsed the shops, played photographer along the riverside, and talked and sang and were very merry.

My mum, upon my return asked me to summarise the trip in one word: refreshing. I have come back so full of energy and life, but it’s a sustainable kind of energy, and I feel like I can see again and breathe again and be somewhat confident in who I am again,

Ellie, Victoria, thank you SO MUCH. I needed to run away from Oxford, and you graciously gave me somewhere to run to. I hope in future I can be somewhere for you to run to, if you ever feel the need to up and go.

IMG_0949IMG_0965  IMG_1078IMG_0998IMG_1026  IMG_1046  IMG_1057IMG_1135IMG_1203  IMG_1217IMG_1316IMG_1368IMG_1491IMG_1546

P.S. Oh also, I got back and term ended.


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