/18/ The run-up…

This is the week I turned 21. It was excellent. It’s only a shame that my camera was still broken so all I have to offer are these phone-camera photos. Though my birthday was only near the end of the week, the first half of the week was an incredible run-up.

It began on Sunday when my family visited and we had Champagne High Tea. It felt grown up and silly all at once – perfect for the 21st birthday.

2013-04-28 16.15.46  2013-04-28 16.17.23

On Tuesday, my friends and I went dancing – not clubbing, dancing. Itchy Feet is a kind of unconventional club night which tours the UK and its universities, offering “funk, rock n roll, soul, rhythm & blues, reggae and ska to get your hips greased”. Promise lived up to 200%. I danced so much my hips actually ached the next day.

Speaking of the next day, it was the 1st of May. It’s tradition to stay up all night the night before and go to the sunrise choir service on top of Magdalen tower, so stay up we did. Just. Chicca and I (Chicca is a weird, wonderful and indispensible addition to my life who would hate featuring on this blog)  left the party at about three and spent the next two hours or so sleepily wandering through Oxford, buying breakfast from a truck and trying not to all asleep in our College’s common room.

But we made it. And it was magical. I can’t really describe how or why I got so emotional – maybe it was the long night of love for friends, for my life and for this freaktown – but when the choir started to sing so proudly and the sunlight illuminated the old stone it made me cry a little bit. I’m tearing up now. SILLY FIONA CONTROL YOURSELF. If you want to get a taste, watch 00:45 to 01:10 of the following video:

2013-05-01 06.04.13

More to come.


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