/23/ Greys Court

Even though my grandma is now ninety-three years old, she’s still sprightlier than many women at the age of eighty. Of course she is often tired and sometimes forgetful, but I am so incredibly lucky to have a grandmother who is still smart and funny and up for conversations about the history of Israel or the purpose of poetry. She still has the energy to fly from her home near Munich to England several times a year, to visit my family and my aunt’s.
This year, during her visit, we (me, my Mum, my aunt) indulged her love of English country houses (a love which I share) and visited Greys Court not once but twice. It’s a beautiful old family home, and was until recently a functioning home to the Brunner family. Sadly you weren’t allowed to take photographs inside the home. It was luxuriously furnished but with many homely touches: you could see that the rugs had been run ragged by four enthusiastic boys playing, there were mountains of worn and loved books, and much was hand-stitched, hand-made about the place. The gardens were hugely impressive and beautiful.

IMG_9278IMG_9341IMG_9304IMG_9368IMG_9714IMG_9317   IMG_9376IMG_9352


  1. Hi Fiona… hmm I'm not sure if you ever read your comments but I was re-reading the TSR Scandinavian Studies thread looking for personal statement tips and I saw a post of yours about he likelihood of getting onto a Scandinavian Studies masters degree. I was just wondering whether you had seen UCL's new MA in Scandinavian Studies? It doesn't ask for a previous degree in the subject or even knowledge of the languages.



  2. Hi Sam,

    That's good to know! No longer sure I want to do a ScanStud MA – I'm really into politics and that kind of thing at the moment – and I definitely don't want to study in the UK. I'd rather study international relations somewhere IN Scandinavia. Kill two birds with one stone, you know what I mean?


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