/26/ Port Meadow

This week, my friend Shawnee came to visit. Shawnee and I go way back – think back, and then go further – and we never fail to have a great time whenever we hang out. It’s Shawnee who accompanied me to IKEA back in February (remember?) and when I went to Iceland last summer, it was with Shawnee and our mutual friend Ana (for a recap, click here). So on a day we both had off, Shawnee came to Oxford from her exciting job which I’m not sure I’m allowed to talk about – but trust me, it’s very cool. After lunch in my College’s garden, we headed to Port Meadow and played around in the river. (The last time that Shawnee visited me in Oxford, she somehow ended up talking me into going for a swim despite me having no towel or swimming costume, which is something I wisely avoided this time around).

20130630_15391620130630_154128 20130630_153736  Shawnee and I are planning a trip in central Europe in September; I can’t wait.


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