/27/ New Glasses

Not much new this week, except that I have three new pairs of glasses! I’ve had this old plum-coloured pair for a few years, and as they were starting to lose their appeal (and some paint), I decided it was time for a change. I scored three new pairs of sexy specs.

The first pair is by Karen Millen and is a twist on your standard hipster frames. I didn’t think I would find any thick, dark, wide glasses that would look good on me, but this pair, thanks to the grey-mottled animal print of the plastic frames, actually kind of works. I think these are a bit more casual, and less sexy, but I think they’re playful and student-y so it’s all fine by me.

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Secondly, I got a sweet pair in a similar shape to my old ones, with thin gold frames around the lenses and pretty arms which are partly tortoiseshell, and partly a colourful, chevron-y geometric pattern that reminds me a lot of Missoni. Even the buckle-esque detailing where the lenses meets the arms caught my eye. I think of these as my “mullet”: business in the front, with the sleek, simple, unobtrusive lenses; and part in the back, with gold, colour, pattern and tortoiseshell.

Please excuse crappy phone photos:


The third and final pair is a pair of sunglasses. I have a pair of Ray-Bans which I love. They look cool, they look good, and they were free – no kidding, I found them on the street in Iceland and nabbed them straight away. However, truth be told, I’ve hardly ever worn them because they’re not prescription and contact lenses don’t really agree with me… So with a heavy heart, I’m tucking them away and replacing them with this pair of similar sunnies. I think they look great, and you have no idea how wonderful it is to finally be able to comfortably see in the summer!

Also, spoiler, I got my hair cut!

20130810_172934 20130826_181556(0) 1

So there you go, my little makeover.


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