/28/ – Switzerland

I have some exciting news: a couple of weeks ago, I went to an interview in College for an internship, and I got it! The internship is at an organization called the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), which is wonderful since I’ve long been a bit of an eco-warrior – albeit, quite a low-key one – and I hope I’ll learn lots more about the environmental issues facing us as a species and a planet. Self-appointed stewards of the Earth’s resources that we are, it’s vital that we treat the delicate balance of human and natural life with the same respect and attention that we give to the financial market, and geopolitical conflict. Lecture over, I’m thrilled!

I’ll be based in the Marine and Polar Programme in Switzerland! On Saturday the 10th of August, I’m leaving for beautiful, sunny Geneva. For four weeks, I’ll be lodging in a pretty Swiss village, cycling to work and hopefully travelling around the country on weekends. I’ve already got a shortlist of things I want to see, one of which is a spectacular Baroque Library. And remember how I mentioned that Shawnee and I were planning a little trip in September? She’ll be flying out to join me the day after my internship ends, and we’ll travel around Switzerland for a week, seeing mountains and lakes, eating chocolate and cheese, and generally chilling out in the cleanest, safest, and best organized country in (possibly) the world.


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