/29/ – Go to Town

On the last day of my Exon internship, I had a typically odd task, one which characterises the varied and creative role I had on the project. Pushed last-minute for a final article, I came up with the idea of writing about a current exhibition in Oxford. While the Oxford Museum of Natural History is closed for refurbishment, the management has come up with an innovative way of keeping the public engaged with the museum. They’ve installed a dozen of their most interesting items in the collection in places around town. In most cases, they linked the installation to the place it was installed, such as a dodo in the Ashmolean museum (which largely houses collections of artefacts from long-dead civilisations); a bank vole in a bank; CS Lewis’ white rabbit in a library; and a penguin outside a fishmonger.

Dodo 2  RabbitVole 2 Penguin

After writing the article, I grabbed the camera and made my way around Oxford, snapping photos of the exhibits and the town. There was a foreign foods market and even though I’m currently doing a detox (never done one before but it’s actually kind of fun), I couldn’t resist the Turkish Delight. 

IMG_0741IMG_0746  IMG_0757


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