/47/ Potsdam

Let’s pay a visit to Potsdam. A testament to the wealth, majesty, and seriously ridiculous and extravagant spending habits of the once-great Prussian monarchy.

IMG_1169 IMG_1175 IMG_1176

Chicca and I travelled a short way out of Berlin to the satellite town of Potsdam. The streets are quiet and the houses grand, but that’s not why people come. The big draw is the incredible Sansoucci Park, a piece of land filled to the brim with baroque, German architecture, flower gardens and hordes of visitors every summer. But this wasn’t summer, this was November.


The elegant park was muddy and deserted, the trees were bare, and even the statues had been covered up to protect them from the elements. The two of us walked to Sansoucci Palace, a world-famous tourist attraction, and the former home of Frederick the Great, a giant in German History.


After a gander at his oddly slender palace, we headed to town. Potsdam is an odd town, pretty but somewhat reminiscent of a film set. Chicca and I settled down in a rustic restaurant where we were served seriously tasty German fare by a bearded, jolly innkeeper-type.

IMG_1226 IMG_1232

Potsdam, it was good, and I’ll see you (and your odd little cherubs and goblins) in the Summer.


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