Soap bubbles

One of the best things I’ve done this year was buying a bottle of bubble mix, which I keep on my desk next to my pens. Sometimes when I’m bored of work, or want to get some fresh air, I open the window and blow bubbles out into the street below.


I like blowing bubbles, I like trying to get them to be as big as I can, or to catch them once they’ve floated away. There’s no profound metaphor behind this whimsical hobby, it’s just that – a hobby. A way to pass the time and to unwind. And because I have such an open view over Broad Street, Trinity and Balliol, I can usually follow a couple of them arcing from my bedroom window to the furthest end of the street or up into the sky. A tiny bubble of air from my lungs amongst the spires of Oxford.

Normally I blow the bubbles myself, watch them float over people and buildings and get pulled along in eddies of air and then burst on collision with a wall, or the pavement, or one another. The last few days, however, have been incredibly windy and so I thought I’d let the wind have a go. It wasn’t easy to take pictures of, but I was basically just sticking the wand out of my window and a gust of air would blow some bubbles. You might be surprised by how strong the wind has to be for that to work!


I’ve never seen anybody down below notice them, though. I do always try to scan the crowd, but so far, nobody’s looking up.

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