Dark Light

It’s been a funny time, has finals. My last exam was four days ago and the feeling of freedom is finally settling in. I spent a lot of time in my room studying in the last few weeks and whenever I took a break from the books, I stuck my head out of one of my two windows to see what the world and the light were doing.

Interesting things, always. And since I’m only in this room for another week, I thought I’d do a little round-up of three of those things.


There is a man who sets up camp down on the street beneath my room most nights – in the day he sells the Big Issue on the corner of Turl Street and Broad, and we’ve had a couple of chats, usually when I go for a late-night kebab. One night I got some shots from above of him with his dog and a friend.



One good thing about the run-up to finals and then finals themselves was how I started getting up early. I’ve always felt like an early-bird, just one that is afflicted by an inability to wake up when my alarm goes off. But I finally did it, dragging myself out of bed before 7AM, and was rewarded with the slightly unsettling (the first time, anyway) sight of a man’s shadow on the next building.

It’s actually the shadow of an Anthony Gormley statue which stands on the roof right above my head. I’ve added another picture so you can see a picture of what it looks like from the street below (credit).

IMG_2237 gormley-sculpture--oxford-2-proj-lightbox


Dark clouds are my favourite kind of weather. When the sky is pitch-black but everything is still illuminated by the sun, it’s magnificently eerie and apocalyptic.

So I was plunged into quite the dystopian fantasy when this grim and roiling behemoth of a cloud settled low over Oxford a week or two ago. And right during finals as well, so it wasn’t exactly a good omen – but they seem to have gone passably anyway, despite the weather!


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