Crossing the Alps (Audio)

In August of 2018, my mother and I walked across the Alps from North to South. We followed the E5 from Oberstdorf in Germany to Vernago in Italy, walking 80km in seven days, with a total of 5,200 metres in ascent and 6,500 metres in descent.

I took photos on the trip, but I also made recordings. It only took two years and a pandemic to get me to edit all together.

Day 1: Oberstdorf to Kemptner Hut

Day 2: Kemptner Hut to Memminger Hut

Day 3: Memminger Hut to Zams

Day 4: Zams to Mandarfen

Day 5: Mandarfen to Braunschweiger Hut

Day 6: Braunschweiger Hut to Martin-Busch Hut

Day 7: Martin-Busch Hut to Vernago

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